April 12th, 1945: President Roosevelt Dies at Start of 4th Term in Office

On April 12th, 1945, just months before the end of WWII, Franklin D. Roosevelt suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage that lead to his death.

As the nation’s 32nd president, Roosevelt became the first man to be elected 4 times into the oval office. He served a whomping 12 years as Chief Executive. Elected in 1932, by early March of the following year 13,000,000 Americans were unemployed. Faced with the tragedy of crushing debt, FDR enacted many programs that came to be the start of the New Deal.

He helped lead the country out of the depression and out of WWII. But life was not always picture perfect for young Franklin. Before the emergence of his political career, Mr. Roosevelt attended Harvard. Despite coming from a wealthy family, he only averaged C’s throughout his college career.

What he lacked for in academics he made up with his involvement on campus. He was part of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity and editor of the Harvard Crimson News Paper. He finished his degree at Harvard in just three years, but still the “general consensus was that he was underwhelming and average” (Bio.com). Even after college he pursued a law degree but never ended up receiving it.

Yet he never gave up, and it was his tenacity and ability to overcome personal trials that gave him a voice of wisdom to guide America through some of its darkest days in the Great Depression and WWII. 

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