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Why Goals Suck (And What You Should Do Instead)

Over the course of the next few weeks, I'm providing 10 free lessons on helping you achieve your dream life. Click through the lessons below to follow along:

I use to be a huge believer in goals. In fact, I loved goals like peanut butter loved jelly.

I would write hundreds of them on notepads, napkins, and even the back of my hand.

The only problem is I never really achieved them. Over the years my goals became hollow dreams, coated in barbecue sauce in the case of the napkin.

To be completely honest I started to resent the goal setting process entirely and I loathed people who set them because they felt like a cheap trick.

But the problem was I still wanted to live my dream life. I wasn’t happy living the 9-5. But I also hated the fact that I failed at reaching my goals. So what’s a strapping young lad like myself to do?

Lesson 3: Small Habits Bring Great Changes

I started by first finding out what I wanted to do with my life. Then I would ask myself what could I do today to actually get there?

For instance, two of my goals are to become a better writer and to be more fit.

By doing simple daily things like going to the gym every day and writing something small every day I began to actually change for the better. Small habits over long periods of time yield true personal development.

Fast-forward a few years to a typical morning.

I wake up, go to the gym early, write for an hour after work, and hit the hay all before 9pm. I was actually surprised at the person I had become.
Small daily habits over long periods of time yield true personal development.
I really hadn’t made any major changes to my routine. I got up a little earlier, made time for things that mattered, and before I realized it dreams started to become a reality.

The real magic behind the dream

The truth behind dreams is that they only become a reality after you breathe life into them. Trust yourself enough to do the hard work to make dreams a reality.

Ralph Marston once said, “Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.”

In other words, the only thing standing between you and your dream life is actually you. The more you make daily habits a part of your life the easier it will be to reach your goals.

Habits have a way of erasing doubts. We become what we use our time to actually become. The more you practice any activity the better you will get.

Doubts fade away through our own experiences. The only way to fail is to stop trying. You build the life you always wanted for yourself one brick at a time, from the ground up.

Use habits to reach your goals, but never lower your goals due to bad habits. The worst part about doubt is inactivity. By choosing to do one small thing each day you can make a real difference—in your own life and in the lives of others.

What habits are you trying to build this year? How have you seen your reality change as you build daily habits?


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