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You (and only you) Control Your Travel Destiny

Millennials in the year 2017 spent $50.4 billion on leisure travel. That’s a huge chunk of change for young families. Even as the economic future for some tends to be bleak, many are making travel a priority. (1)

“Great,” you say, “but how does this really help me.” Maybe you don’t have the savings to go on long international trips. Maybe you don’t have too much time on your hands. Maybe you have a fear of flying. Or you hate long road trips. But travel is possible in every situation.

The only thing standing in the way is you. Here are some common travel objections I hear and how you can overcome them.

I simply don’t have the time to travel. I work 40+ hours a week and I have 3 kids. How do I make travel work for me?

This is a fantastic question. The key here is to shift your thinking about what travel really is. Some may think travel has to be at least a week long, but that simply isn’t the case. You can make quick trips to neighboring towns over a single weekend. Some of my favorite travel articles come from the NY Times 36 Hours. In just a day and change you can really take in many new experiences that make the trip worth it.

I don’t have enough money to travel! And I probably never will. How does anyone afford to travel?

If you feel like you don’t have enough money, you are definitely not alone. Recent studies show that 85% of Americans now travel domestically. Why? Because it’s cheaper and faster. Aside from traveling to cheaper destinations, start to brainstorm ways you can save money. Do you really need that mocha frappuccino latte? Do you really need the newest iPhone?

Now is simply not a good time for me. I have too much going on.

My one recommendation here is to realize that if you wait for the perfect time, that time will never come. Tomorrow there will still be plenty of bills to pay. Tomorrow you will still have work. Tomorrow you will still have all your doubts.
It’s hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.
-Theodore Roosevelt

I don’t want to leave my family and kids back at home. I feel guilty spending time having fun while my partner works.

As a father of soon to be two young kids, I can definitely relate to this objection. In my experience there are a couple of ways to handle this:
  • Make a deal with your significant other
  • Find a babysitter for your child
  • Bring the kid along
You can make a deal that allows you to spend a day traveling if your partner gets to spend time alone for a day next week. Even better, you can hire a babysitter for a day that will allow you to travel together. Maybe you can even get a couple discount. And third, you can find discounted prices and take a family trip.

I need to finish school first before I can actually travel. How do students balance travel with education?

As a lifelong student myself, I know how important it is to get an education. But you can choose to travel and to get an education at the same time. Maybe you can make shorter weekend trips to neighboring towns. Or you can spend a semester studying abroad. Travel can be an educational experience in and of itself if you immerse yourself in a new culture.

What are some common objections you have to travel? How do you overcome them?


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