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Why the "Perfect" Time to Travel Doesn't Exist

With the New Year comes a new you. New clothes, new haircut, and maybe even a new poodle (depending of course on the fate of your last poodle). We all set big goals and do our best to achieve them. But recent studies show that only 8% of people actually achieve their resolutions. (1)

This means that a whopping 92% of people set resolutions and fall flat on their face. People fail for all kinds of different reasons:
  • Lack of income
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of time
  • Boredom
  • Self-doubt
But this doesn’t have to be you. Let me tell you why this year is going to be different. This is the year where you can make lasting changes. This is the year you can start to see the world and yourself in a new positive light.

And it all starts with taking advantage of one core principle--the daily reset.

The power of a daily reset

So you want to travel the world. Great! Problem is we set goals and we wait for that perfect moment. But the perfect moment never comes.

Tomorrow there will still be bills to pay.

Tomorrow there will still be work to do.

Tomorrow you will still have all your doubts.

Tomorrow you will still be bored.

This is where the daily reset comes into play. Maybe you didn’t travel to Japan like you planned last year. But everyday brings with it new opportunities. Don’t be so hard on yourself. At the same time, set realistic goals that you can make daily habits to achieve. Taking advantage of everyday opportunities is the name of the game.
January 1st signifies a new beginning. However, each day allows for a new beginning, and hence it is a reset.
-Dr. Roberta Anding, Baylor College of Medicine

Today maybe you can’t travel to Japan. But maybe there are a hundred other things you can do that help you with your goal to travel.

Today you can travel to an area of town you have never been to.

Today you can take a beautiful picture of the sunset.

Today you can take your family to that park you’ve always wanted to check out. (And yes, monkey bars are for adults too)

Today you can take a hike around your neighborhood.

Today you can join a local history club and travel through time to learn about the people and places that make your town special.

Today you can read a book and travel in your mind.

Today you can write about how to travel.

Today you can save money for a trip.

Today you can plan your next trip.

Do it today!

I am probably the last person you want to take advice from when it comes to setting long term goals. But I know a thing or two about making habits stick.

The key is to treat everyday as a new opportunity to learn, do, and create. Maybe you can’t go on that dream trip today, but there are a hundred other things you can do today to make travel reality.

Don’t allow failed resolutions to derail you from doing something special today. The more you make travel a daily part of your life, the less power excuses will have over your will.

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