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How to Pick & Stick to the Target

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to drift through life? We are creatures of habit. I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty set routine. It goes something like this. Wake up, workout, shower, eat work, eat, sleep, and repeat. So how do you break the norm and pick meaningful life targets?

Lesson 2: Pick Your Target

Let’s face it. Routines are predictably safe. Without chance, you never fall flat on your face.

As a kid, I really wanted to learn how to ride a bike. I loved watching neighborhood kids fly down the hill from my bedroom window.

I remember watching late into summer nights as kids picked up speed and screamed with excitement as they whipped around corners to the bottom of the hill.

But when it came time for me to ride, the bike felt like a sudden death sentence. My palms would sweat just looking down the hill. I was so afraid of crashing that I wouldn’t even take the chance.

Finally, I picked a day and walked my bike to the top of the path. I jumped on and squeezed the life out of the handlebars. How I successfully navigated the trail blows my mind to this day.

Long story short, I flew off the sidewalk and crashed into the parking lot at the bottom. But I survived.

Sometimes we are like a kid sitting at the top of the hill waiting for that perfect moment to ride down. It’s easy to watch others take the plunge. It’s much harder for us to make the first move and pick our target.

A docked ship is not a ship at all

Ok. Some of you may dispute this and that’s fine. But is a ship parked in the harbor all day really fulfilling its purpose?
Life is a journey and you are the captain of your own ship.
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After building up the courage to leave the harbor it’s time to start thinking about where you will go. What’s the target destination?

Let’s use the analogy of a chef. You want to make beautiful pastries for orphans.

Would you start by learning about origami? Possibly. But it’s more likely that you would build your baking skills first. Starting with the goal of becoming a chef you can zero in on your target by asking questions.
  • What kind of pastries do people like to eat most?
  • Where and how will I sell my pastries?
  • What’s a good price?
This method can be applied to a wide variety of activities. The key is taking control of the wheel and choosing your own destiny.

We all fear the unknown. But a great way to conquer that fear is to take a chance, pick a target, and zero in on the specific destination.

If you neglect to pick a target you will miss the mark 100% of the time.

Has there been a time in your life when you lost your focus? What did you do to get it back?


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