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The Secret to Crushing Your Writing Goals in 2018

So you want to finally become a boss writer in 2018. But how do you start? The same way every writer starts, with words! The best way to accomplish anything is to put in the work. That’s it. No magic formula. No get rich quick schemes.

The ugly truth behind every writer

It may seem too obvious to even mention but every great writer started with one word. Words built sentences, sentences paragraphs, and paragraphs chapters.

If you're like me the problem is that we start to big. We want it all and we want it right now.

When I first started writing I wanted to complete a book. I dreamed about what it would feel like to be on the New York Times best seller list. But the more I dreamed the more I realized how far behind I really was.

The very thing I wanted to become blocked me from achieving my dreams. That is until I trusted in myself enough to just start. To put in the time every day to write something. Even if it was total crap, I could go to bed feeling like I accomplished something.

Trust the process

You see writing is similar to weightlifting. It’s really easy to show up to the gym and see all of the other fit people and say to yourself, I want to look like that guy! But we refuse to realize the work that must happen before the results.

Before you know it you start comparing your results to the results of the experts. When you start to see this happening it’s time to step back.

Just like you can’t expect to bench press 225lbs on day one, you cannot expect to write a novel without first writing a small article. The secret is to create daily habits that will help you achieve your goals in the long run.

Start small and build momentum

Jeff Goins, a New York Times best-selling author, swears by writing just 500 words a day. This is easily achievable in 30-60 minutes for the average person. It’s also time sensitive in that it pushes you to finish 500 words in just 24 hours.

Picture yourself on a snowy day building a massive snowball fort. Every snowball starts small and pathetic. As it rolls from one point to another the snowball builds momentum and starts to look and feel like an actual piece to the fort.

The same is true of daily consistent writing. It may look like nothing in the beginning.

But as time goes by your writing will become more focused, structured, and smooth. It doesn’t happen overnight. But it never happens unless you actually start. Don’t feel so pressured to write something amazing that you don’t write anything at all.

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It starts with one word. Your words turn into sentences. Sentences turn into paragraphs. Paragraphs turn into your daily 500 words.

Invest in yourself this year and write 500 words daily to finally become a boss writer.


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