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Think Like a Kid

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Lesson 7: Think Like a Kid

The mind of a child is a beautiful thing. Unhampered by prejudice or bias, every day is a new exploration for kids.

But something happens when we start to get older. We lose this sense of wonder and the ability to have fun. Why?

Because we rationalize, we have to grow up and get a real job. All that play was fun, but it’s time to wake up and pay the bills.

But does it have to be this way?

Play at work

Recent studies show that people who find ways to make work fun actually get more done. (1)

Now I know what you're saying. How can anyone be productive while playing ping pong and chomping pizza?

Think of it this way. How many days do you think people call off work due to stress? Or better yet, simply pretend to be doing something productive at their desk when they're really bored out of their minds? Employers lose thousands of dollars annually because of unmotivated employees.

Insert ping pong, arcade games, bowling, and meditation. Some of the most productive companies like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft provides employees ample opportunities to have fun at work. And what are the results?

Dr. Brown (founder of the National Institute of Play) states, “when employees have the opportunity for play, they actually increase their productivity, engagement, and morale.”

In other words, play helps us approach work with an entirely new perspective.

After graduating college I took a job at a small call center in podunk Rexburg, Idaho. Sitting eight hours on the phone would normally be considered pure torture. But the culture of the call center made the work better.

In the basement sat a nice ping pong table, a PS4, and two large red couches. On the main floor, every room had a large screen tv. Competitions were arranged so that the top seller could choose which movie to watch on Netflix. Prizes were given away to top performers. Every Friday cereal was served along with biscuits to any interested college student.

The perks made the high demands of the job not only bearable but enjoyable. Work in many aspects was turned into a large game.

When you learn how to make work fun you produce better content.

Work at play

Having fun is no guarantee. Ask any sales associate, tax accountant, or security guard.

Play comes naturally to kids. Adults have to work at play.

So how can you incorporate play into your daily life? Learn to relax and enjoy the moment. Play your favorite game just for the fun of it.
Play naturally comes to kids. Adults have to work at play.
Play can be refreshingly easy if you allow yourself to enjoy time away from work. If you don’t think fun and work mesh, it’s time to start thinking like a child. When you work yourself into the ground you forget what it feels like to do things for pure enjoyment.

Unlock the power of play today and unleash those pure motivations.


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