Hi there! My name is Kenneth and I started this blog for two reasons: to capture fantastic outdoor U.S. travel destinations, and to write about how to live a healthy lifestyle.

I don't pretend to have all the answers, and I still love the occasional cheeseburger. But I believe food, fitness, and travel hold the keys to a happy lifestyle.

Fitness nut and outdoor enthusiast, I share my experiences with nature while traveling and my quest for better health through food and fitness.

I focus on four specific areas: guides, destinations, people, and tips.

My guides show great hikes and challenging workouts for optimal health. Places I believe are worth a visit show up in destinations. People that are interesting or weird but somehow enlighten us to better health or travel show up in people. And great foods, interesting natural health remedies, and travel hacks pop up in tips.

Feel free to follow me here where I try to post once a week. Also, if you care you can check out my Facebook or Twitter. I'm really not much of a social media guy, but every once in a blue moon something interesting pops up on my feed. No promises.

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