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Promoting Your First Course: 14 Original Tips

You just finished your online course, but now what? One of the hardest parts about creating anything is getting noticed. You need your work to get into the hands of the people that are most interested in hearing your message. But how do you do that? Follow these 14 tips to effectively promote your course and get your work into the hands of a hungry audience.
Social MediaFacebook: One of the best ways to promote any course is through Facebook video. You can show a quick preview of what you have to offer. It’s like putting a beautiful cake in a storefront. People can’t stop the urge to drop what their doing in the middle of the sidewalk and stare. Other ways to promote your course on Facebook are through paid targeted ads and blog posts about the course.

Twitter: Joseph Michael was just your average father looking for a way to earn a couple hundred extra a month to support a growing family. Then he launched his first online course. By mentioning business expert Michael Hyatt on Twitter…
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Ultimate Checklist: Recording Your First Course [Slides+Cam]

Decided to create your first course but not sure how to start? The solution is simple. Check out this ultimate checklist for recording your very first course. Remember, the first step is always the most difficult. But, as my man Plato says,"the beginning is the most important part of the work."

The end may not be clear from the start, but the goal becomes clearer every day as you take a step forward. With that said, this checklist is designed so that you can follow it in really any order. This is not an exhaustive list, but it does cover the basics. Start with what your most interested in and work from there.

Print this Ultimate Checklist for Recording Your First Course Here [No Email Required]

Hardware/Software Requirements
Presentation: PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote, Google SlidesScreen recording: Camtasia, ScreenflowWebcam: Logitech C920External microphone: Snowball ICE USB Mic[Optional] Lighting kitStep 1: Build Your Slides
Pick the wide format (16:9) so that the video covers …

19 Innovative Ways to Grow Your Own Email List from Scratch

Do you want to know what the biggest problem people have when trying to grow their email list? First off, its hard work (but you already knew that) for something you are not totally sure you need. Second, it can come off as a really boring job. Like slapping paint on a new fence. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I always tell people that growing an email list can be as fun as you make it out to be.

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To spice up the monotony, here are 19 innovative ways to grow your very own email list from scratch.
With Email1) Start with great content: The number one way to grow any email list is to make the email itself fantastic. Pretty basic right. But 99% of email traffic today is basically junk. We all know this. So don’t be that guy who sends junk to an inbox. Make your content stand out with the following elements:
Catchy headlinesCall to action text/buttonsRock solid information (with a splash of humor)2) Include coupons for subscribers: A recent stud…

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Email Marketing

With all the digital channels available to your small business, you’re probably wondering if email is really worth it. Do people really still check their inboxes? Will my message get through to them?

The short answer is yes! You need email marketing for your business to survive. Here’s why: a recent study found that there are 3.8 billion global email users. That’s more than the amount of Facebook (1.86 Billion), Instagram (800 million) and Twitter (330 million) users combined.

Add the fact that most people check their email more often than any social media account, and it’s easy to see why you needed email marketing yesterday. But if your still not sure if email will work for you, your in the right place.

Today we’re going to walk through the top five reasons that email marketing stomps any other type of marketing in the face.
1. Email marketing is cheap and you make more money For every dollar you spend on an email marketing campaign, you receive on average $38 in return. For most sm…

The Anatomy of a Winning Guest Post Pitch

Let’s get real here. Being a writer can be hard work.

You spend all this time trying to find your voice, your writing style, your secret mojo. Call it what you will, writing takes guts.

You have to believe in yourself. Believe in your work. Believe in your will to survive, because you probably won’t land your dream guest post gig at first. But if you put in the time and the effort, anything is possible.

I know, I know. That line is such a cliche. But I can really only guarantee you one thing.

If you don't try, your will fail. If you're too afraid to fail, you won't try. Don’t fear failure. Fear never taking your chance when you had the opportunity. Winston Churchill once said, “Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”

So now that you have your head right, let’s dive into the anatomy of the perfect guest post pitch.
Why write guest posts? Aside from gaining relevant experience and building valuable connections within your niche, here are a f…

Organic Traffic vs. Paid Traffic: A Quick Guide

Getting noticed in a busy world is hard. Have you ever wondered what it takes to get your ideas heard? We all struggle with feelings of neglect. But I promise you that your ideas are priceless. You just need a way to be heard above the noise.

We all know that using the platforms of influential people can get you noticed. But is there anything else you can do to get your ideas out there? Insert organic and paid traffic. Knowing when to use both tactics brings real success.
Organic vs. paid traffic: What’s the difference? SOURCE

Take a look at the image above. In it, we see that the first link is slightly different from the second. The first link is a PPC (paid-per-click) ad, while the second link is an organic link. What’s the real difference between the two?

PPC: Business & entrepreneurs use paid-per-click ads to get their products in front of people who might not otherwise find them, but who are already looking for information about their product. Businesses pay a fee to the owner …

The Easy Way to Grow Your Audience and Sell Stuff

Want to know what the biggest problem you'll face when trying to sell anything online? It’s not the time it takes or even the amount of money it costs to advertise. It’s not that your product sucks. It’s not that you can’t write a killer sales page (although this helps).

The biggest problem you will face has been around for ages. Marketing Guru Peter Thiel put it best when he said…
Poor distribution—not product—is the number one cause of failure. In other words, if you can’t get your stuff in front of the right people you’re going to fail. So the problem is this--how do you get your stuff in front of the right people? Enter affiliate marketing.
What is affiliate marketing?Definition: A way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies ("affiliates”) who market the company's products for a commission (

In other words, affiliate marketing is what happens when you sell something for someone else and receive a cut of the sale. You …