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Hiking Jenny Lake to Hidden Falls

The midday sun scorched through the roof of our car as we looked for a single spot to park at the Jenny Lake Visitor Center. We finally decided to take a spot on the side of the road a quick walk away from the trailhead.

To A Remote Indian Village Of 800, "Basketball is God's Gift"

7,000 miles from his son, 4 miles from the nearest road, a father enters the local temple to offer a strange prayer—a prayer that his son would be drafted.

My Canadian Bucket List: 7 Breathtaking Hikes

I have a confession—I had no idea that Canada Day was coming up. Yes, I enjoy vacation days just like the next guy. But living in America means I just don’t study that much about Canada (and unfortunately we don’t celebrate the holiday). Canada might as well be the other side of the world.

Hiking Observation Point

Observation point packs a knockout punch when it comes to a great overall view. We lined up with hundreds of other tourists minutes before Old Faithful was set to blow...

3 Ways to Punch Setbacks in the Mouth!

There are very few times in my life that I have been at a complete loss for words. Once, when I was a kid, my mother flew out of the driveway without looking behind her first, (not that it would have helped) completely destroying my new scooter in the process. I didn’t have much to say because I knew words could never bring my scooter back.

Top 10 Motivational Nature Quotes

Hiking Fairy Falls

Fairy falls stands as one of Yellowstone’s tallest waterfalls at 197 feet. The sun blazed as we walked the gravel path to the trailhead. 
The path itself offered little resistance; a few small hills, logs crossing creeks, and dense forested areas were the only real obstacles standing between the falls and us. I would recommend this hike to any hiker regardless of skill level.

Hiking Taggart/Bradley Lake Loop

The sky looked angry, filled with grey clouds and white mist that concealed even the tallest of mountains. After only 2 miles of hiking, we hit Taggart Lake.

Video: Taggart/Bradley Lake Loop

This was my first adventure inside Grand Teton National Park. The park sits less than 2 hours east of Rexburg. We stopped at the visitor center first. I asked a ranger the little question of the day, and I learned that moose can dive up to 20 ft. under water in order to feed on aquatic plants. Can you imagine swimming along under water, and then all of the sudden running into a giant moose? Learn more about the lakes here.

How Oregano, Boy Scouts, and a Giant Moose Saved the Day

May 15th, 2015: It all started on a Friday night at the library. (Something no good storyteller ever said.)

I was talking with one of my friends about getting over a cold. I already shook his hand, but still he started to back away like I had some kind of orange fungus growing out of my ear.

3 Steps to Better Backpacking

I have hiked some pretty crazy trails in my life. Let me tell you from experience, there is nothing more exciting than spending every last drop of energy on a hike and finally reaching the summit. I took this picture on a trip through Yellowstone.