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10 Fantastic Winter Vacations

Regardless of whether or not you enjoy the winter season, there are many great travel destinations for all types of people. Here are 10 winter locations you can’t miss.

Key West, Florida Home to some of the best beaches in the US, Key West is a prime winter escape. Spend an afternoon visiting an art gallery, trying exotic local cuisine, or kayaking peacefully in deep blue waters. Lime Tree Bay Resort is a great affordable oceanfront option for travelers.

Tybee Island, Georgia Tybee Island is home to one of seven surviving colonial lighthouses in the US. The town has an old time feel to it with rustic boardwalks and an interesting history. Tybee is one of the few places to have survived an atomic bomb, dropped on accident by the US Air Force in 1958. Hotel Tybee offers affordable rooms within walking distance of the ocean.

Las Vegas, Nevada Everyone knows about the world famous hotels. Lesser know is that Vegas continues to build amazing family friendly attractions. The glittering li…