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Biking the Milwaukee Road

After a week of perfect sunny weather, I took off Saturday morning with high hopes of a smooth ride. Then the weekend came and with it 2 inches of snow. When we turned the corner to the trailhead and I pulled my bike out from the trunk it was a major gut check. But I took that first leap of faith and hit the trail pedaling on the Milwaukee Road.

Biking the Copperway Regional Trail

It was a cold, windy Saturday when I decided to push my body and my bike out the door and onto the trail. I started in the late afternoon with just enough daylight to make a return trip. The breeze cut hard but didn’t stop me from biking to Whiskey Gulch Station—the start of the Copperway Regional Trail.

10 Best Halloween Festivals in the U.S.

Halloween isn’t just about sugar overloaded kids knocking on your door taking some of your hard earned candy. It’s a time to enjoy life, family, and exciting cultural activities. In this article, you will find info on the history of Halloween and the 10 U.S. cities that offer the best Halloween festivals.

History of Halloween Many believe that one of America’s favorite holidays, Halloween, originated from an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain. During the festival, folks started massive bonfires and dressed up in costumes to ward off evil. Souls of the undead were thought to come back to haunt the living. People would leave food and wine on doorsteps to appease the spirits. They also wore masks to blend in with ghosts that came to terrorize the town.

Later, Pope Gregory III created a day to honor all martyrs and saints alike; All Saints Day, celebrated on Nov. 1st, brought back some of the traditions of Samhain (the Celtic festival). The evening before eventually became known as …

20 Apps Every Runner Should Utilize

Tony Robbins once said that “setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” Sometimes wanting to be a better runner can seem like an impossible task. Where do you start? These apps will help you set realistic goals from start to finish as you push yourself to be a better runner:

Apps for PerformanceRunkeeper With 50 million users and counting, Runkeeper is the perfect app to join a runners community. GPS technology tracks your run from start to finish. Share your times and gain inspiration from friends. Pick a personalized plan or pace for your goal and this app will help you get there. With 20+ activities available to choose from, runners can track how they move in many different settings. Premium members get live weather data and progress insights to help them achieve any goal.

Free: iOS, Android
Mapmyrun The best app hands down for tracking past runs and following a map while running in new towns. Displays maps of nearby runners routes for new trails to …