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20 Apps Every Runner Should Utilize

Tony Robbins once said that “setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” Sometimes wanting to be a better runner can seem like an impossible task. Where do you start? These apps will help you set realistic goals from start to finish as you push yourself to be a better runner:

Apps for Performance


With 50 million users and counting, Runkeeper is the perfect app to join a runners community. GPS technology tracks your run from start to finish. Share your times and gain inspiration from friends. Pick a personalized plan or pace for your goal and this app will help you get there. With 20+ activities available to choose from, runners can track how they move in many different settings. Premium members get live weather data and progress insights to help them achieve any goal.

Free: iOS, Android


The best app hands down for tracking past runs and following a map while running in new towns. Displays maps of nearby runners routes for new trails to blaze.

Free: iOS, Android


Always wanted to be a runner but not sure where to start? This app helps get you prepared to run 3.1 miles in just 9 weeks. The problem most beginners face is that they literally hit the gate running. It only takes one bad run to ruin your desire to eventually become a runner. This app gives you realistic, measurable goals to ensure smooth sailing from start to finish.

$2.99: iOS, Android


All your typical features (tracking, goal setting, maps) are included with a little twist. Friends who also use the app can leave encouraging recorded sound bites for you so you can get the motivation you need from someone you trust as you run.

Free: iOS, Android

Nike +

A seamless running app that uses music from your phone as you run to give you that extra boost. Coaches give you tips on your form and tell you when you need to pick up the pace and when to relax. Track your distance and speed over time with a workout plan tailored to your starting point and end goals.

Free: iOS, Android


The beauty of this app is in the details. Weather information, street details, and accurate distance displayed as you run. Works perfectly with the Apple Watch allowing you to ditch your phone on your next run.

$4.99: iOS


For those runners that love an adventure, this app offers turn-by-turn directions for the best possible route. Great for those visiting a new city for the first time who want to go on a long run but don’t want to get lost in the process. RunGo also comes with workout plans and audio coaches for your run.

Free: iOS, Android


Designed for simplicity, this easy to use app makes running so much more appealing. With iTunes and Spotify functionality, runners never miss a beat as they dash from one point to the next. PumaTrac keeps records for 30+ activities, meaning you can make this app work for you no matter what your favorite sport is.

Free: iOS, Android


Sketch your own unique route in moments on your phone. This app allows you to draw your desired route on a map and it will then make it a reality. You can choose to snap your drawing to roads or stick with the original sketch.

$0.99: iOS


Strava is the only app to offer segment rankings - a full leaderboard of best times along specific hills, roads, or trails. With this data, you now know how runners fare over certain segments on a track and can train specifically to increase your times in those areas. GPS tracking gives you detailed route information as you run. Challenge users in your area, join clubs near you and set goals to help you stay competitive.

Free: iOS, Android

Charity Miles

Maybe getting dressed and running around town is not enough motivation for some. This app donates 25 cents for every mile run to a pre-selected charity of your choice. You may not look great at the end of your run, but at least you will feel great knowing you are giving back to the community.

Free: iOS, Android

Apps for music lovers


Love running but struggle to keep a consistent pace? This app allows you to pick music and distorts that music depending upon your stride. Run too fast and the music is played at a quicker pace. Run too slow and the music is played gradually. Great for allowing you to set and keep a pace without worrying about the time.

Free: iOS, Android


Maybe you hate listening to any kind of music at all while you run. Maybe you would rather listen to classic books or podcasts as you dash from one street corner to the next. Runtastic allows you to do just this through “Story Running,” downloadable stories that typically last the duration of your run.

Free: iOS, Android, Windows Phone


A music-driven app that allows you to shake up the stale library on your phone and listen to professional artists and DJ’s. Listen to songs literally at your own pace, as the music matches your hearts BPM. Or choose a predetermined cadence and listen to music that will help you stay steady throughout your run.

Free: iOS, Android

Apps for Safety

Road ID

This app is perfect for family members and significant others who worry about isolated runners in remote locations. Road ID follows your digital trail and sends an SOS message/location to all family members on file if you stop running for 5 minutes and fail to respond to the apps alert within 1 minute.

Free: iOS


bSafe transforms your device from an ordinary phone into an extraordinary support system. One touch of a button and your phone records video, alerts authorities, and tells your emergency contacts your exact location.

Free: iOS, Android

React Mobile

Similar to both bSafe and Road ID, React Mobile sends your exact GPS coordinates to the authorities and emergency contacts at the touch of a button. Family members and friends can also keep tabs on you as you run with real-time updates.

Free: iOS, Android

Apps for fun

Treadmill Trails

Love running on the treadmill but hate staring at complete strangers or a whitewashed wall completely devoid of emotion for hours on end? Look no further than Treadmill Trails! With 20+ trail videos shot and new videos added each month, you can run on a trail while on your favorite treadmill. Music plays in the background as you run through valleys and up mountains.

Free: iOS, Android

Temple Run

This classic arcade game probably won’t get you in shape but is perfect for your days off. Sprint through temples, dodge giant boulders, and escape dubious traps on your way to fat loot and freedom.

Free: iOS, Android

Zombies, Run!

Maybe running down street you drive by every day is not enough excitement to get you out the door. Insert Zombies, Run!, a story app designed to put you right smack dab in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Progress through a series of challenges to gather sweet supplies and gear for your base.

Hope you enjoyed this article on fantastic apps for runners. For more health hacks be sure to follow me on Twitter.


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