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6 Principles to Make Every Blog Post Pop

Writers need to generate sticky content that grabs attention from the get-go. A Microsoft study found that the average human attention span is...oh look, a puppy! Post smartphone revolution humans hold their focus for 8 seconds. This is 1 second less than the average goldfish. (1)

So what separates attention-grabbing posts from forgettable posts? Here are 6 principles to generate content that sticks.
Find the Core Not the apple core. The most important message you want your readers to understand after reading your article.

Readers want to know what's in it for them. How will your article benefit their life? Start with a catchy headline and then move on to your most important message. Show your audience exactly how your text will benefit their life with a short opening. People waste time because they want the perfect opening. Don't make people guess your one big idea. State the purpose of the article and move on.
Use Surprise! Break expectations. Start with a question and work…

50 Travel Blog Post Ideas to Destroy Writers Block

It’s 9am on cold a Saturday. I sit in front the dreaded blank computer screen wondering why I even got out of bed. I stare at a bowl full of Cheerios and contemplate one question--what will my next blog post be about?

35 Practical Christmas Gifts for Every Adventure: 2017 Guide

Before you go breaking the bank this year on a fancy new gadget or chic outdoor coat, take a step back and read this guide.

Most travelers look for practical, simple tools they can use on the go. After scouring the Internet I am happy to present these 35 practical gifts for any outdoor adventurer. I have arranged the gifts by interest and cost, from least to most expensive.

Camping Socks Never underestimate the power of socks! Any body part that is exposed to the elements potentially loses heat. Trap heat this winter by using a nice pair of socks.

$6.99: Hanes 6-Pack
Sleeping bag The sleeping bag is essential for any camping trip. With more styles than ever, sleeping bags are becoming increasingly lighter, sleeker, and cheaper.

$25: Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag
Tent Rain and bugs create a recipe for disaster on any camping trip. Keep them far away with an affordable tent.

$37.25: Sundome 2 Person Tent
Dutch oven The Dutch oven is the best way to cook for large groups of people on a …

How to Pick a Great Sleeping Bag

The 3 most vital elements to a successful backpacking trip include food, water, and shelter. Part of having a decent shelter is picking a great sleeping bag. Sleeping bags come in all shapes and sizes at many different price points. Check out this guide on how to pick the right sleeping bag at the right price for your specific backpacking trip.

Three steps to picking a great sleeping bag:

Step 1: Check temperature ratings

Step 2: Check insulation

Step 3: Picking the right size and weight
Step 1: Checking Temperature Ratings One of the main purposes of a sleeping bag is to protect you from the harsh elements you may face in the wild. This is why before you go on any trip you must know the weather conditions and average climate of the region you intend to hike. Don’t march blindly into a backpacking trip.

Temperature ratings show the absolute minimum temp any sleeping bag can handle. Choosing the right sleeping bag really depends upon the location and timing of your trip. There ar…

10 Killer Winter Trips for Outdoor Adventures

Winter brings with it a whole host of conditions that either deter people from getting out of bed or invite the bold to seek out a new adventure. A couple weeks back I was one of the bold when I hit the Milwaukee Road Trail with my bike in 3 inches of power. Crisp mountain air coupled with beautiful bridges and twisted tunnels made for a sick ride in the snow. It was a fantastic trip on short notice and with almost no money out of pocket. Take advantage of the season with these 10 winter destinations perfect for outdoor adventures.

Goldbug Hot Springs, Idaho This natural hot spring sits tucked away deep in the mountains just south of Salmon, Idaho. The trail itself sits on 4 miles of pristine national forest land rarely traversed in the winter. Depending upon weather conditions visitors may need a pair of snowshoes in order to reach the springs. After clawing your way 2 miles up 1350ft of mountain terrain, reward yourself with a perfect soak in the hot spring. Camping is permitted as…