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35 Practical Christmas Gifts for Every Adventure: 2017 Guide

Before you go breaking the bank this year on a fancy new gadget or chic outdoor coat, take a step back and read this guide.

Most travelers look for practical, simple tools they can use on the go. After scouring the Internet I am happy to present these 35 practical gifts for any outdoor adventurer. I have arranged the gifts by interest and cost, from least to most expensive.



Never underestimate the power of socks! Any body part that is exposed to the elements potentially loses heat. Trap heat this winter by using a nice pair of socks.

$6.99: Hanes 6-Pack

Sleeping bag

The sleeping bag is essential for any camping trip. With more styles than ever, sleeping bags are becoming increasingly lighter, sleeker, and cheaper.

$25: Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag


Rain and bugs create a recipe for disaster on any camping trip. Keep them far away with an affordable tent.

$37.25: Sundome 2 Person Tent

Dutch oven

The Dutch oven is the best way to cook for large groups of people on a car camping trip. Release your inner chef with thousands of Dutch oven recipes.

$45: Winterial Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 4QT

Jetboil stove

Cooking while camping is no small accomplishment. Make your life easier with a Jetboil stove.

$80: Jetboil Flashlite


Water bottle

How far can you really expect to get without water? Don’t make the mistake of forgetting a simple water bottle.

$5: Nalgene Water Bottle

Trekking poles

Keep your feet rolling with a pair of lightweight trekking poles.

$10: Crown Shock-Resistant Trekking Pole

Water filter

From tablets to straws to tubes, don’t forget to filter your water before you drink.

$10.68: Potable Aqua Tablets


Unless you have Heman capabilities, you’re probably going to need some way to haul your stuff on the trail.
$25: Ecosun Backpack


Take care of your feet or suffer the consequences—blisters and really bad toe jam.

$102.26: Salomon Hiking Boots



Be prepared to bike in the dark with an affordable headlamp.

$1.50: Datework 3-Mode Flashlight

Patch kit

At just a couple bucks, every biker needs a simple patch kit for their next flat tire.

$3: HS Bike Tire Repair Kit

Compression shorts

The best way to fight serious chaffing is a good pair of compression shorts.

$7.35: YESIDO Quick Dry Compression Shorts


Nothing sucks worse than being hit by some kind of vehicle on a bike. Wear a bright colored vest for extra visibility.

$8: Phantom Fit Running Vest


Protect your most valuable asset—your mind.

$11.60: CCTRO Bike Helmet



Buy a simple pair of sunglasses for protection from harmful rays.

$8: Classic Vintage Sunglasses


Perfect for cold weather running without losing too much body heat.

$13: X-Fit Sports Leggings


Use music to keep a solid pace from start to finish. Headphones unlock a world of running with purpose.

$13: Skullcandy Noise-Isolating Earbuds


Start with the basics and build up. Shoes motivate you to hit the ground running.

$27: Tesla Men’s Running Shoes


Track all your fitness goals with a simple watch that moves with you.

$60: Fitbit Flex 2



A simple tool designed for 1 purpose—to keep you on the path and moving forward to the right destination.

$6.75: UST Deluxe Map Compass


Apps are nice, but the only way to be sure you have directions at all times is a physical map.

Prices Vary


Use apps in tandem with a physical map. Apps can track your speed, your route, and the distance traveled.

Prices Vary

Distress signal

When everything else fails it's nice to have a plan B…and a plan C.

$22: Orion 30-Minute Road Flares


Best for accurate real-time data on your exact location.

$80: Garmin eTrex Handheld GPS


Portable charger

Priceless for longer trips requiring extra battery for your phone or other portable devices.

$8: Hastings Power Bank


Hands down best device for reading books on the go.
$80: Kindle E-reader


An image is worth a thousand words.

$13: Fujifilm QuickSnap


The industry standard for first-person movie shots to capture any sort of adventure.

$150: GoPro Hero

Apple Watch

Take incoming calls, send text messages, and use your pal Siri all on the go.

$151: Apple Watch Series 1 38mm


Hard shell briefcase
Compression bags
Mummy liner
Memory foam travel pillow
Travel cord roll

Hope you enjoyed this list of Christmas gifts for adventurers. What gear will you use to help you rock your next adventure?


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