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50 Travel Blog Post Ideas to Destroy Writers Block

It’s 9am on cold a Saturday. I sit in front the dreaded blank computer screen wondering why I even got out of bed. I stare at a bowl full of Cheerios and contemplate one question--what will my next blog post be about?

I don’t know about any of you, but there are times when my writing flows effortlessly and I feel like a genius. And then there are days when I would rather eat cereal and go back to bed. For those difficult days where you start to wonder why you started in the first place, we all need a storage bank of strong ideas. Here is a sweet list of 50 travel blog post ideas.

How To…

People use the internet to find new information. I find myself daily looking for posts that help me solve a problem. Be a problem solver and write a how-to post geared towards travel.
  1. How to Plan Your First Trip
  2. How to Travel With Your Pet
  3. How to Pick a Great GPS
  4. How to Use a Map
  5. How to Pack a Suitcase
  6. How to Cook on the Road
  7. How to Choose the Right Hotel
  8. How to Buy a Cheap Flight
  9. How to Travel on a Budget
  10. How to Travel Solo
How to Pick a Great Backpacking Tent

How to Plan Your First Backpacking Trip

How to Pick a Great Sleeping Bag


A great way to give people lots of good information without overwhelming them is to create a resource list. People want to know what you know. They want to know where they can find this information on their own. Share with them a list of your ideas.
  1. 5 Fantastic Winter Retreats
  2. World’s Most Underrated Beaches
  3. 10 Destinations for First-Time Backpackers
  4. 10 Items Every Traveller Should Pack
  5. 5 Simple Ways to Save Money for Travel
  6. 10 Ways to Explore Your Hometown
  7. 10 Best Travel Blogs of 2017
  8. Top 5 Destinations for New Year’s Eve
  9. 20 Destinations for Your Honeymoon
  10. 6 Foods to Avoid
10 Winter Trips for Outdoor Adventures

15 Fantastic Fall Getaways

9 Simple Superfoods


Don’t you love it when a restaurant or hotel exceeds expectations? Other people love to know about great underrated travel destinations or products too. Share a review of your favorite restaurant, hotel, or product.
  1. Where to Stay in aaaaa
  2. Where to Eat in aaaaa
  3. Best Museums in aaaaa
  4. Best Airlines to Fly to aaaaa
  5. Best Shows in aaaaa
  6. Best Books on aaaaa
  7. Best Travel Cameras
  8. Best Sleeping Bags
  9. Best Hiking Boots
  10. Best Camping Tents


Similar to how-to posts, travel guides are unique in that that typically show readers where to go and what to do in specific places. Assume the reader has never been to or even heard of the travel destination you write about.
  1. 36 Hours In aaaaa
  2. Hiking aaaaa Trail
  3. Biking aaaaa Trail
  4. Visiting aaaaa On a Budget
  5. A Day in aaaaa
Hiking Diamond Head Trail

Hiking Angels Landing

Biking the Milwaukee Road

Personal Stories

One way to really engage readers is to tell a personal travel story. Personal stories add variety to otherwise bland posts. They also allow your audience to get to know the real you. Some of my best posts have come from personal experiences I had while traveling.
  1. Why I love/Hate aaaaa
  2. My First Trip to aaaaa
  3. Why I Will Never Visit aaaaa
  4. My National Park Bucket List
  5. My First Holiday Overseas
My Canadian Bucket List


The best way to build a one-dimensional blog is to ignore questions people ask you. This is like throwing a huge dinner party and not even showing up. The best place to look for questions that real people ask about travel online is Quora. Once you find a popular question, build a blog post that answers that question.
  1. Best Time of Year to Travel to Hawaii
  2. You Should Know aaaaa Before Visiting aaaaa
  3. Why aaaaa is a Great Place to Visit
  4. Best Places for Solo Travel
  5. Best Cities to Visit In aaaaa (name of country)
  6. Benefits of Sustainable Travel
  7. What to Pack Before Every Road Trip
  8. Best Tourist Attractions In aaaaa
  9. Best Tips for Taking Amazing Travel Photos
  10. Best Tips for Budget Travel
14 Simple Steps for Planning Your Next Trip

Now it’s time to grab that bowl of cereal and start typing like a pro! Let me know if these ideas helped you. Feel free to share ideas you use for posts in the comments section below.

If you use any of these ideas please let me know. I would love to read and promote your posts!


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