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5 Battle Rope Exercises for Beginners

Whether you’re taking a weeklong backpacking trip with your friends or biking to work to save on gas, it’s nice to be in shape. But what if you just don’t have the time? What if you just don’t want to spend $60 a month on a gym membership that you hardly use?

Insert battle ropes. For a small price, you can own a pair of your own. Battle ropes put huge amounts of stress on the upper body in such a short amount of time. They are great for overall endurance and losing weight. So you have no more excuses.

Here are five battle rope moves for beginners that will help you get into the swing of things.

1. Alternating Waves

This is the starting point for your battle rope testing ground. Begin with grasping the ropes at your side. Keep a firm grip but not so tight that you lose focus on the movements. Bring one arm up as the other drops and repeat for 15 seconds. Your back should be neutral throughout the movement. Keep a slight bend at the knees. As you progress with each exercise shoot for at least 1-minute intervals.

2. Hip Toss

Grasp the rope with an underhand grip. Starting at either hip, twist your body and rotate your feet through the motion. Imagine picking up a sack of flour and tossing it to someone across the room. Repeat the motion always returning to your hip. The power generates for the legs and moves through the arms in this exercise. Again start with 15 seconds and work your way up to 1-minute intervals.

3. In & Out

Starting with the rope by your side, extend your arms as wide as you possibly can while pushing the chest out. Quickly bring the ropes back to center and repeat. The exercise really tests your lateral mobility and will be difficult at first. It’s ok that the ropes cross paths in the middle as long as you continue to bring the ropes back out. Repeat for 15 seconds.

4. Double Waves

Similar to alternating waves, start with both ropes in an overhand grip shoulder width apart. Keep the knees slightly bent and the back neutral throughout the movement. Bring both hands up and down in unison as quickly as possible. Focus on increasing your overall time before worrying about the speed of your waves.

5. Side Lunges

Get the alternating waves down first. This move begins with an alternating wave. Keep the feet shoulder-width apart as you step out from the center with one foot. Bend the outstretched foot and return to center. Repeat for the other side.

Thanks for watching this video. Comment below with exercises that you would like me to cover for next week.


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