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Be a Doer, Not a Doubter

Over the course of the next few weeks, I'm providing 10 free lessons on helping you achieve your dream life. Click through the lessons below to follow along:

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “the work of the critic is of altogether secondary importance…progess is accomplished by the man who does things.”

I love this idea! Currently, there are plenty of haters in the world. It’s much easier to criticize than to create.

But in the end, it’s the people who do things that make a difference.

Lesson 4: Be a Doer, Not a Doubter

You want to know the real secret to becoming a better writer? A better dancer? A better baker?

It may not come as a shock, but you have to practice your craft.

Life is too short to allow every piece of criticism to derail your designs.

Take Bill Gates—everyone knows the successful businessman who is worth 86 billion. (1) But few people know that his first business was a huge disaster that self-imploded.

Bill and his partner, Paul Allen, designed a device that could analyze data from traffic cameras. When they tried selling the product the device wouldn’t even work. If Bill decides to quit after his first disappointment his life would have taken a completely different course.

If I listened to every person who told me how to write before picking up my pen I would never write a thing.

To be fair, some criticism is necessary.

But before accepting any feedback you must ask yourself the only question that really matters.

What have I built today?

This question really has two purposes: it helps you recognize and appreciate accomplishments, and it puts criticism into perspective.

Can you really trust feedback on how to bake from a police officer?

Or how to run a race faster from a florist?

Now some cops may bake a mean chocolate cake and some florists may run like a cheetah. But you decide which expert to trust.

Seek feedback from experts in your field. Ignore the rest. Why? Because they have been where you want to go. They are the travel guides with the maps, tools, and prior experiences to get you to your destination.

On the flip side, it may take time to perfect a craft, but you have to learn to love the process.

Be your own biggest fan. Be excited about each day and the small progress you make including writing just 500 words.

Approach each day with a determination to create. In the process, you may make plenty of mistakes.

Take it from someone who has made his share of terrible articles. When I started writing there were plenty of pieces that I would never publish to the world. But if I listened to all the reasons not to hit publish, I would never share my work with anyone.
It's the people who do things that make a difference in the world.
Sharing can be intimidating because it opens you up to criticism. But it’s only through building and sharing that we can see value in our work.

It’s the people who commit, who show up day after day, long after everyone else has gone home, that drive change.

In the end, it’s the people who do things that make a difference in the world. Never forget that.


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