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13 Thrilling Adventure Blogs to Follow in 2018

Nothing will ever beat the freedom of hitting the trail with everything I need on my back. There is something so liberating about being alone in the woods with just the necessities. No impossible work quotas to meet, no trainings, no emails. Just me, plenty of ramen noodles, and nothing but time on my hands.

When I can’t be in the woods I love to read about the best trails and hikes. I build lists of places I need to go, and I take note of things I need to do to prepare for any hike. Here are 13 blogs to follow to inspire you to hit the trail in 2018.

The Broke Backpacker

Will Hatton, author of The Broke Backpacker, has been on the road traveling to the world’s most remote destinations for the past nine years. A terrible leg injury deep in the Costa Rican jungle caused him to rethink his mission of joining the marines. Now he writes about his travels and his journey to becoming a millionaire through online ventures.

What stands out: Will not only talks the talk but walks the walk. He started traveling long before he made money online to settle down. He learned from experience how to live off $10 a day on the road. Follow him for articles on backpacking, cryptocurrency, and tips for living a simple life on the road.

Off the Path

Sebastian, founder of Off the Path, has lived in 10 different countries. Oh, and he has also traveled to nearly 100 countries, but no big deal. He writes about his experiences on the road and highlights top places to visit and stay. His top accomplishments include learning five languages, jumping from a plane, and doing a 50-kilometer canoe marathon.

What stands out: Sebastian grew up on an island in Spain living a very adventurous life. Because of his love for swimming, hiking, and sailing starting a travel adventure blog was his next logical move. Off the Path is loaded with valuable resources to help you find your next big adventure from cheap flights to local accommodations.

Hiking the Trail

Adam Nutting created Hiking the Trail as a way to remember his 2013 attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail. Even though he did not complete the trail, he learned valuable skills along the way. He decided to keep up the project after arriving home. In 2014 he moved west to Arizona to be closer to the mountains and trails he now calls home.

What stands out: Adam faced a serious challenge at the age of 10. He was diagnosed with Acute lymphocytic leukemia. After a year of intense battling, he survived and continues to live each day with purpose. In 2014 he teamed up with America’s Rafting Company to produce an epic six-day backpacking trip that became known as the Hell Hike & Raft.

SoCal Hiker

Jeff Hester built SoCal Hiker in preparation to hike the John Muir Trail. Based out of SoCal, Jeff personally hikes and tests every trail and piece of gear on his website. He helps people in major urban areas realize the many hikes available to them in California. But his main goal is to document the beautiful trails he finds through insider tips, trick, and how-to articles.

What stands out
: I love that Jeff personally hikes every trail that he writes about. Sure it’s great to be a world traveler. But to go into depth about one specific area, document all the specific details that only locals can discover is a great focus for one blog.

Hiking in the Smokys

A team of writers, photographers, and designers helped create Hiking in the Smokys. This site is packed with over 80 different trails, maps, and highlights of the Great Smoky Mountains. The authors have personally hiked, explored, and photographed each hike listed on this database. They also run similar hiking databases for Glacier and Grand Teton National Parks.

What stands out: The authors don’t claim to know everything. They focus all of their attention and efforts in a relatively small area. This focus means greater accuracy and depth to every trail guide they create.

Section Hiker

Section Hiker is a great resource for those looking to hike the famous Appalachian Trail. This site is full of extensive trail guides, gear suggestions, hiking tips, books, and videos on backpacking. A hand skills page will lay out everything you could ever need to get started backpacking today.

What stands out: The trails section lists all the top hikes of 100 miles or over in the US. I love how these criteria highlight some of the best hikes across the country. Limiting the size of the trail also brings a specific focus to the guides.

The Hiking Guy

Kolby Kirk designed The Hiking Guy to advocate the hiking life, share tips and tricks of the trade, and “to help others learn the importance of respectfully exploring our natural areas.” While his main passion is and always will be hiking, Kolby also shares tips on photography and journaling. Through journals and rigorous goals, Kolby strives to become a better person and invite others to live an elevated life by sharing his stories.

What stands out
: The author’s obsessive drive towards setting and reaching crazy goals. In 2014 he set an insane goal to hike 100 times in 247 days. He quickly lost 25 lbs on his way to over 400 miles of trails. In 2011 he hiked 1,700 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. Follow this man for real-life hiking inspiration.

Lady on a Rock

Christy started Lady on a Rock as a way to share her passion for health, adventure, and hiking. She loves outdoor adventures, photography, and basically anything that allows her to move on the trail. “Rockin” is her trail name, bestowed for her ability to climb big boulders and mountains. Christy shares gear tips and tricks to climbing to help inspire others to get outdoors.

What stands out: Aside from an impressive hiking resume, Christ has taught elementary school for the past two decades. She created a separate website to teach elementary and middle school children wilderness survival and hiking. Combining two passions into one is no easy accomplishment.

Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten shares his crazy travel stories, expert guides, and photography tips on his website Expert Vagabond. He is driven to share his stories to help others live a life of purposeful adventure. Matt believes that experiences are more precious than riches, and he shares tips so that others can have life-altering experiences.

What stands out: For over 7 years Matt lived on the road as a digital nomad. Without a place to call home, he visited 50+ countries and documented his travels. He travels to meet curious people, take calculated risks, and break out of his own comfort zone.

The Adventure Junkies

A team of outdoor enthusiasts came together to create an online database for outdoor extreme sports. The Adventure Junkies covers hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, and scuba diving to name a few. Each sport is broken down into helpful sections: essentials, accessories, clothing, and components.

What stands out: Their well-written belief system. In order to truly live life to the fullest and experience one of these adventure sports, three things must take place. A person must believe, learn, then live. Without belief, there is no knowledge. Without knowledge, there can be no real progress.

Mapping Megan

Megan and Mike combined their skills in journalism and photography to build Mapping Megan. For the past 10 years, they have dedicated their time towards documenting and sharing their world travels. At one point they even sold a great home to fund their dreams. Together they have been around the world documenting stories for inspiration and practical advice.

What stands out: This couple has loads of practical experience that help this blog come to life. Mike has been taking pictures and filming animal behavior since the age of 10. Megan has documented her travels to all seven continents as a journalist since 2007.

The Art of Non-Conformity

New York Times best-selling author created The Art of Non-Conformity as a way to inspire others to reach for their dreams. After traveling to every country in the world in the span of 10 years, Chris began his website to inspire others to achieve their goals. He offers insane travel hacks so that out of this world experiences become available to the average income family.

What stands out: While Chris loves to travel, he combines this passion with teaching. As a digital nomad himself for over 5 years, Chris wrote several best selling books on how to start a business that will give you the freedom to travel.

Zen Habits

Author Leo Babauta designed Zen Habits for one simple reason: “finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives.” He inspires readers to travel not in person but in mind on a journey of peace and prosperity. Through simple daily steps, Leo shows that any person can achieve mindfulness.

What stands out: His latest post shares the example of finding peace within in order to be at peace with the world around you. “Imagine that the surface of the Earth was covered in shards of glass… you could try to find a covering for the whole world, … but you’d never be able to do it. Instead, just cover your own feet, and you can walk around just fine.”


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