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How to Write Your First Guest Post

So you want to write a guest post but not sure how to go about it? Have no fear. This simple guide will teach you how to write a legit guest post for any audience. The steps are quite simple.

The biggest hurdle you will face is your own mind. You are good enough today. You are ready. You have ideas that people need to here. So let’s get down to the guest post basics.

Why Guest Post?

It’s time to face reality. We live in a very noisy world. As a writer, it can be hard to balance your content efforts with strategic marketing. But whoever said they needed to be mutually exclusive?

You can use what you do best (writing fantastic content that even a dog would like to read) to get noticed and drive thousands of new people to your blog! You need this traffic, but you don’t have to sell your soul to get it. Instead, you can write guest posts to get noticed.

What is Guest Posting?

“Guest posting” is simply the art of creating an article for another person’s website or blog. You start with research about where your writing would fit.

What blogs talk specifically to your audience? After you find as many quality blogs as you can pitch your idea to an influencer. Then you write the article. Let’s walk through the steps of writing a killer guest post.

How to Guest Post Successfully

In order to write a killer guest post, you need to follow these three simple step. Research, pitch, then write. Solid research leads to the pitch. Then you follow up a pitch with a fantastic article.


You need to know exactly who it is you want to reach before you ever write a guest post. Ask yourself these questions: is this the right audience for my topic, will my writing style work on this blog, and will the audience enjoy reading content on my website.

This will help you reach out to the right people and get the right traffic to your blog. For example, if I started a blog about dogs, guest posting on a blog about marketing would not drive the right traffic to my website. Here are the steps for your research. Ignore them at your own peril:
  • Search for blogs accepting guest posts in your niche
  • Create a list of 50 top blogs in your topic
  • Order the list from hardest to easiest to get accepted
Google search: Start with a simple Google search. Replace keyword with your niche:

Keyword “submit a guest post”
Keyword “accepting guest posts”
Keyword “guest post guideline”

You can also search Twitter using the same tactic above.

From there, create a simple sheet in Excel or Google Sheets to track your target blogs/websites. Then order the sites from easiest to get accepted to hardest. You can gain lots of traction as you write guest posts for smaller markets and leverage that when you speak to the big boys.

Find Influencers
: As the saying goes, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” That is of course only true if you imitate the wrong people. Have you ever been caught doing something as a kid just because you saw somebody else do it? We all have.

But technology greatly improves the opportunity to mimic the greats in your niche. Here is how you do it:
  • Find influencers in your niche/topic
  • Search for guest posts they have written
  • Pitch to those same places
In order to find influencers, you need to start reading articles from your favorite blogs in your niche. Once you have a list of 3-5 influencers, find out where they guest post. How do you do that?

Turn to Google first with this simple search. Replace influencer with the name of the person you want to search:

Influencer “guest posts by”


So now you know from your research what blogs to contact. You know specific influencers in your industry. This leads us to the most important step, in my opinion, the pitch. A successful pitch comes when you...
  • Know the blog style
  • Know the audience
  • Read an article or two similar to the article you want to write
  • Pitch something unique
  • Pitch to people who already interact with your content
These are all the simple steps that you take before reaching out to the actual blog owner in an email. Now you know the blog style, articles that perform well, and what topics have been covered. But what does a good email pitch look like?

Read guest post guidelines: Enough said. Make sure to follow what is being asked of guest bloggers. This will set you apart from most of the other people submitting articles.

Start with a personal introduction: Take the time to find the name of the author of the blog/website you want to write for. It’s always better to start with a personal introduction than a simple hello.

Give them a reason to like you: Then introduce yourself. Talk about your own blog and articles you have written in the past. Not to show off, but to show how you can write a great article for your guest post. Make sure to talk about your own talents as a writer in a way that will benefit the blog you want to write for. Offer a free Ebook, course, or podcast to the author.


If you put in the work to research possible blogs, find influencers, and pitch your ideas, it’s time to wrap it up with a bonafide article.

Format your article like the other articles on the blog. Write about a topic that has not yet been covered. And most of all, use your own voice in a way that helps your host. Publishing your best work on a guest post will give you the most benefits.

Most writers fail not because of a terrible book, but because of a terrible distribution strategy. You need to get your work in front of as many people as possible. Writing a solid article will help you do this.


Do you want to know how to achieve exponential growth for your website? Simply repeat these steps over and over. Learn from your mistakes. Continue to reach out and publish guest posts. And use simple growth tactics to get people to take action on your own site.

That’s it. You now have a great way to grow your blog. Time to get down to business.

Have you written a guest post? What guest post tactics do you use?

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