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5 Ways to Supercharge Your Call to Action Button—Effortlessly

You just finished creating an exciting new product. After spending months researching and developing your ideas, the day to ship has finally arrived.

Your product is now live, but results are less than optimal.

You start to wonder if it's time to go back to the drawing board and scrap your idea for good.

Before you do that, try adjusting your call to action!

Use these 5 tips to supercharge your CTA.

1. Use Verbs

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Take a look at some of the hottest brands and they are all using verbs to drive action on their site. Words like…
  • Join
  • Connect
  • Contact
  • Discover
  • Buy
  • Schedule
  • Try
The best verb for you will depend on your industry and product. Forget to invite your audience to take action and lose your chance at new business.

2. Eliminate risk

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People like risks when they are breakdancing. They don't like the risk when making a purchase. Try adding these phrases to eliminate risk.

“Like it or your money back”

“30-day risk-free trial”

“Lifetime guarantee”

3. Place CTA above the fold

If nobody can find you CTA, then nobody will subscribe/purchase/download your product. Put the CTA button and text in a spot where your reader doesn't have to scroll to find it.

4. Create Urgency

There are at least 6 ways to boost urgency in your call to action:
  • Increase clarity
  • Reduce distraction
  • Build trust
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Add urgency
  • Improve your products value proposition

5. Measure results

With the emergence of email marketing, it’s never been easier to track your results. By including a CTA in each of the email campaigns you start, you can easily see how effective your CTA is along with the copy itself.

Common metrics you can track using email include…

Clickthrough rate: Percentage of people who receive your email and click on the links inside of it.
  • Formula: (Total clicks/number of emails) * 100
  • Example: 100 total clicks/1,000 emails*100 = 10% clickthrough rate
Conversion rate: Percentage of people who click the link in an email and complete any desired action (downloading an Ebook)
  • Formula: (Number of people who completed action/number of emails delivered)*100
  • Example: 500 people who took action/8,000 total emails delivered*100 = 6.25% conversion rate
Bounce rate: Total emails sent that could not be delivered to a recipients inbox
  • Formula: (Total bounced emails/total emails sent)*100
  • Example: 50 bounced emails/10,000 total emails sent*100 = .5% bounce rate
Hope you enjoyed these 5 tips to supercharge your CTA buttons! Stay tuned for more news on how to improve your marketing efforts.

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