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Change Your Posture, Change the World

The world has far too many people sitting on the fence. For every person on the fence, there are still more “on standby.”
We've all heard the term before, but why do we still cling to the middle ground?

Because when you sit on the fence you think your safe. By literally sitting on the line you are not on anybody's side.

Nobody can get mad at you because you don't participate.

But we sometimes forget that sitting on the line is a choice in and of itself.

When you sit on the fence you don't help either side. You don't contribute anything valuable. You literally standby watching other people doing meaningful work because your too afraid to make a difference.

Because making a difference can get ugly. Because people will disagree with you. Because you have to pick a side.

Because when you participate you can't standby, and you will stand out.

Standing out is a choice. It's more than just disagreeing with your coworkers. It's being brave enough to accept truth, to change the course of a company, and to admit when your wrong.

The world needs less people on standby, and more people willing to stand up for what they believe in.

In 2003, Judy Perkins battled returning cancer that left big tumors on her liver and in her chest. She was on the brink of death when Dr. Steven Rosenberg of the National Cancer Institute brought her back to life with an experimental surgery.

“We have to develop a new drug for every patient,” Rosenburg said.

His targeted approach allowed Judy’s own immune system to fight back and ward off the cancer. While this approach worked for Judy, it has only proved successful for 15% of patients in the past.

What is so interesting about this case is that we have a doctor and his team willing to take a chance on their patient. Willing to stand up for a treatment they believe in, even when the odds are stacked against them.

When Bradon Reilly took charge of a hospital in Cook County, Chicago, things looked bleak.

There were thousands of uninsured patients every year who came to the hospital for help. Cook County didn't have the staff or the beds to meet the needs of all their patients.

Instead of giving up, Brandon looked for a way to classify patients and send home people who did not need intensive help.

One of the biggest problems facing hospital administration was heart attack patients. Many people came to the ER with chest pain. But the only way to tell if they were having a heart attack or not was to conduct a series of expensive tests and examine them.

This cost the hospital huge amounts of money and beds. The longer patients stayed waiting for results, the less people the hospital could treat.

So Reilly utilized a heart attack decision tree designed by Navy cardiologist Lee Goldman to speed up the process.

At first, doctors distrusted the model because it meant going against years of tradition and switching to quick analysis backed by data.

It took guts to fight the system, but Reilly drastically improved the doctor's ability to make good decisions in far less time.

In each story you see outstanding individuals stand up for unconventional solutions that helped people in need.

None of this could have happened if Rosenburg and Rilley chose to sat on the fence.

Life changes for good when you take action. Don't fear failure. Fear never having the chance to stand up and push for the things you believe in.


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