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Who Do You Work For?

Is it your boss? Your supervisor? Perhaps another coworker?

The problem with corporate jobs is the lack of innovation. If you truly work for somebody else, then my guess is they will want you to do their job their way. Which is fine for the average worker. Show up, do your job, get paid, and go home.

But why do we settle for average? Because of the belief that average is safe.

“If I don’t do anything other than what I’m told, I will never get in trouble,” says the average car salesman.

But what if being average was actually more dangerous than standing out?

Think about it. If your company needs to downsize, will your boss replace someone who goes above and beyond, or will they replace someone who follows the book to a T?

The workplace needs more artists. The workplace needs innovation, effort, and grit.

You have a choice. You can choose to be average, or you can choose to be inspired.

You can't be both.

Inspiration doesn’t come from following the rules. Inspiration comes when you do your best work, not because somebody else told you to but because you want to. Because you want to be your own best self.

Bob Golomb is a legendary Nissan car salesman in Flemington, New Jersey. The average car salesman is taught to spot the sucker. In other words, you need to know who has the money and is willing to pay and who doesn’t.

Bob does everything he can to fight this! He purposely tries to ignore what he sees at first. Many of his repeat customers look like they could never afford a nice car.

By fighting the status quo, Bob treats everyone the same. He looks at each person as if they can buy a car today, no matter the age or outward appearance.

He doesn’t do this because the people around him do it. In fact, his behavior is odd to many of the same salesman in the business.

He does it because he knows that his first impressions can actually fail him. Bob shoots down those biases, and he works strictly for two people--the customer, and himself!

Bob feels good when he treats other people fairly. He also sells on average 20 cars a month, which is much higher than the average person.

This is inspired selling. This is art.

If you have the choice between average and inspired, choose inspired. Don’t do it because you want to impress the boss.

Do your best work to feel good about your craft, help people around you, and grow along your journey to a better personal and professional life.

In the end the best boss in the world cannot do it for you. Be your own boss. Map your own course. Challenge the boundaries and push yourself to be better than average every day.

Strive for greatness.

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